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        At the beginning of October, we visited the Royal Garden of Light in Wilanów with Agnieszka. It is an exhibition of night illumination at the Wilanów Palace. And Agnieszka loves the lights. In this place there are thousands of them, from the very beginning to the darkest recesses can be found on light-filled lanterns, buildings, figures, and figures.

        3D mapping at the Wilanów Palace

        royal garden of light wilanow light show on wilanow palace

        They would let us into the garden at certain times, not to make a crowd, and each group would be able to take part in the mapping show taking place on the facade of the palace. Agnieszka was delighted.

        After such a show, you can go on.

        Garden of lights

        After entering, it was not so spectacular, but also very nice for a lot of installations decorated with lamps. From the lighthouse, through tunnels full of lights, to shining trees and hedges.


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