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        Preparing for wedding

        Preparations took place in the family home from which we had only a few minutes to market with the church.

        details ring black and white make up mirror bride wearing shoes wooden floor groom preparing groom smile

        Warsaw wedding on the new town

        It was a hot and sunny day. Luckily, the wedding ceremony took place in the cool white church chimney in the new town.

        black and white car guests wedding church balloons church wedding new town warsaw the groom leads the bride to the altar church Poland wedding groom and bride holding their hands wedding ceremony happy bride wedding ceremony new town church warsaw white gold priest groom puts the wedding ring on bride finger the bridge and groom exit the church black and white wishes for marriage black and white groom receive wishes

        Wedding party at the Zegrzyński reservoir

        The wedding party was held in Warsaw on the reservoir.

        M&Ł wedding bread polish tradition groom and bride throw back their glasses wedding party first dance


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