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        the bridge and groom exit the church WEDDING WEDDING

        M & Ł – Wedding on the new town

        05/12/2018 Preparing for wedding Preparations took place in the family home from which we had only a few minutes to market with the church. Warsaw wedding on the new town It was a hot and sunny day. L...
        black and white bus driver smile wedding WEDDING WEDDING

        A & B – Wedding in the Warsaw’s Old Town

        28/11/2018 HOME Preparations for the wedding began in the apartment of Agnieszka and Bartek where close family members appeared. Some of them came all the way from Italy on this important day - it was Agnieszka...
        married couple nature portrait WEDDING-PORTRAITS WEDDING-PORTRAITS

        J & K – Photo session on clearings and peat bog

        13/07/2017 It was a long day. We divided the photographic session into two parts. Starting with photos about the dawn at the peat bogs near Warsaw. It was not easy, because everyone likes to sleep, but there are...