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        It was a long day. We divided the photographic session into two parts. Starting with photos about the dawn at the peat bogs near Warsaw. It was not easy, because everyone likes to sleep, but there are no good photos without sacrifice.

        Morning photos

        wedding fog nature sunset bride and groom nature groom and bride in the forest back keep hands together

        Photos on clearings

        wedding portraits black and white groom portrait groom lift his wife on field groom runs with his wife groom and bride on bench

        Vistula beaches

        sky treee married couple married couple nature portraits backs married couple nature portrait married couple heart hands groom in white dress portrait face on the back of the groom married couple nature love

        Additional photos with Krzystof’s passion

        Groom jumping on the bmx bride beside groom and bride kiss on box bike in the night

        Want a photoshoot like this?

        If you are interested in a similar project, please contact me and we will discuss all details.


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