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        couple walking down the road holding hands holding the sun

        Gosia is the sister of my beloved Agnieszka and this year she is getting married to Maciek. On this occasion, we decided to give them a small gift before the wedding in the form of a engagement session. I think it will work as a souvenir before the wedding day. Also help them get used to the camera before their most important day.

        Engagement session

        I am of the opinion that choosing between a wedding session and a engagement session, it is worth betting on the latter. Because if someone is planning to have a photographer at their wedding. Practically everyone hire photographer, then it is worth going to such a session and meet your photographer and see how he works. After such a session, on the wedding day, the atmosphere is much looser. There are already towers tied up between the photographer and the bride and groom.

        Agnieszka and I will be only guests at the wedding, but Gosia and Maciek will have a engagement session with their wedding photographer. I wonder what he will say when they will be sending ideas for photos from our session themselves.

        The Palace and Park Pławniowice

        We started shooting at the Palace in Pławniowice, where there were no people just that day, so those in love could get a little started during their first joint session. There was a lot of laughter, but also a few sweet moments that I managed to catch. Gosia and Maciek are amazing.

        At one point, when we were taking more photos around the palace and we found a small black shed that served as the background. A gentleman appeared who took care of the garden and informed us that we must have permission for the session and pay the fee because we have “professional equipment”. Unfortunately, but we could not explain to you that we all know each other and Gosia and Maciek are not my clients because I only give them a present. In the last photo by the barn you can see their face when the gardener started to pay us attention.

        “Professional equipment – commercial photos.” So beware tourists with full frames!

        We did not reach an agreement, but as a compromise we gave each other several dozen zlotys to a special piggy bank at the entrance.
        The beach in Pławniowice

        a couple in love walking along the road at sunset

        Beach in Pławniowice

        After this adventure, we went to the beach, which is also adjacent to the Palace. It was already visible that the session was a little bit crazy. Maciek already at some point wanted to make some figures with Gosia. Probably from the first dance. However, they got a little tired of Gosia’s accusations and we went photographing hugs at sunset.

        Look at them, how sweet!


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