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        Preparing with Best Mans

        At the beginning, with the film crew, we came to capture the preparation of Todd in the Hotel Mrówka, which was quite close to Ania’s family home.  It was clear that the day before there was already one party, but it did not bother us.  A slight mess he coveted with the best men.  Everyone was getting ready together in one of the rooms, helping each other.  The groom also had a set of cufflinks for each of them.

        Preparing with Bridesmaids

        After preparations at Todd’s, we went to Anna, where bridesmaids and the bride’s parents ran around the house.  Ania, like Todd, had a gift for them in the form of earrings.  It was here that the little ones prepared the car that the bride was supposed to go to church.  On this occasion, we also took some photos together.

        Polish-American Wedding in Poland

        A lot of emotions arose outside the church because here both family members could meet earlier.  Some also had the opportunity to meet for the first time. It’s not my first international wedding, but its my first polish-american wedding.

        Wedding Party in Villa Park Julianna

         After the whole ceremony we went to the party at Villa Park Julianna in Julianów.  A beautiful, white room surrounded by a green garden full of lights.  A beautiful place for a wedding.

        Few group photos, before the party…

        Now we can start the party!

        If you want Anna and Todd portrait photos – click here.

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