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        Anna and Todd is a Polish-American marriage that I had the pleasure of photographing on their wedding day. We wanted to create a fairytale atmosphere and smoke flares during the session. However, the beginning of the session we decided to start a little peacefully in nature in the Powsin park. Anna and Todd are a lovely couple and they had no problem during the session to show their feelings. The more so that after Todd’s marriage and travel, he had to return to America and do some things. He had only seen Ania for a few hours.

        Part one – Powsin

        Part two – smoke time

        The young couple got started a little bit and we could go to the merits of our session. We went to the Vistula beach to take pictures up to the sun and to go crazy with smoke.

        We had some possibilities, whether they would not dump us from there, because that day there were a lot of flights from the nearby helicopter airport, but rather this amount of smoke is not terrible for them, because they blow everything with propellers.

        Unfortunately, from one of the flares a few shards fell on the dresses making two holes. That made Anna a little saddened, but with such a husband it didn’t last long. Todd wanted to do everything to cheer Anna up and from what you see in the pictures I think I succeeded. After all, after the wedding, so let’s have fun!


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