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        Preparations for the wedding began in the apartment of Agnieszka and Bartek where close family members appeared. Some of them came all the way from Italy on this important day – it was Agnieszka’s family. The weather was good for us and everyone was having fun, despite the small stress.

        wedding makeup make up welcoming guests in doors by the groom wedding makeup eye in mirror wedding suit Adidas superstar wooden floor witness grandmother and kids in kitchen


        The young people came up with a great idea to lead the guests to the church, and later go to the room – a “cucumber”. Bus was great for the atmosphere with the old town market.

        cucumber old bus on Mokotów Warsaw man with the flowers in white shirt two little girls in white dresses black and white old camera photos in bus little girl hair style black and white bus driver smile wedding bride with little girl smile


        The wedding took place in the civil registry office.

        girl watching shop through the window

        black and white old town bus Wedding in the Warsaw's Old Town musicians bride smile wedding ceremony ceremony kids Wedding in the Warsaw's Old Town Bride smile groom bride and groom rings ceremony bride give ring for husband wife Wedding in the Warsaw's Old Town exit trowing rice bubbles from fish kids with bibles


        Family dinner.

        old town Warsaw bus cucumber mother and grandmother in the bus child in bus father with kid passagers in bus smile wedding

        wilcza black and white waiter smilling Childs children play with woman and bride the kid makes glasses with hands wedding dinner bride and groom together glass of water and polaroid photo man watching on polaroid photo little girl brick wall the child is playing with the tea wedding dinner family restaurant children's play grandmoather on wedding dinner wilcza restaurant Childs outside wedding wedding dinner kids playing wedding gift wedding singing guests guests singing on wedding party dinner wedding party singing





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